Immutable Data Proof as a Service.

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Prove your compliance with data standards by creating unhackable and unchangeable stores of all your sensitive business data.
At the press of a button our world-class platform can generate 100% irrefutable evidence for any data, transaction, document or workflow which can be used in UK and European Civil and Criminal Courts and Tribunals.

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Evident Proof – Platform Features.


No data migration time or database overhaul required.
Evident Proof is a non-disruptive technology that can plug in alongside any database and or workflow within minutes. Enabling your technical teams to rapidly secure any ‘at risk’ data immutably, giving you absolute peace of mind without any major development fuss.

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No development upskilling required.
The Evident Proof application works within all development environments (open source, cloud, .NET). Development teams can be up and running quickly utilising their already honed skills to secure data, enable and prove compliance.

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Instantly Transform Data into Immutable, Un-hackable, Unchangeable Records.
When data connects to Evident Proof, our unique system stores it anonymously as encrypted hashes on blockchains. These encrypted pieces of data are added to an unchangeable chain of blocks in chronological order. Once added it’s impossible for data to be altered, deleted, tampered with or hacked.

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FREE Consultancy and Staff Training.
We’re passionate about supporting our clients to mitigate their risk. From set up and integration to the support of live solutions, we help you succeed with free consultancy and staff training that will help you identify all data risks and ensure your data proof needs are always covered.

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Automatically produce reports called Proof Certificates to verify the correctness, completeness and time-order of any submitted digital records. Proof Certificates can be used as evidence in Reports, Audits, Tribunals and Courts. Once data is stored immutably it can then be used as irrefutable evidence in the form of a Proof Certificate should a challenge occur. Most organisations must comply with country and industry defined data regulation and law. Evident Proof has been designed to help organisations easily prove both standard compliance and bespoke proof workflows using our Proof Seal Bundles technology.

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Save £1000’s in legal fees and employee administration hours.
Should your organisation ever come under legal or compliance scrutiny, the Evident Proof Protocol for the storage, retrieval and submission of digital data evidence complies with thresholds for presenting evidence to Tribunal Hearings as well as Civil and Criminal court. Giving you peace of mind, that, at the press of a button - you can irrefutably prove your organisations integrity.

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A service and pricing model designed to be as small or as large as you need it to be.
Evident Proof has been built Enterprise ready by senior Microsoft and Oracle Technical professionals and can handle clients who throughput just dozens to millions of pieces of data per second. The platforms unique monthly subscription and pay per usage model enables organisations to only pay as and when data proof services need to be called upon.

Discover Industry Use Cases

Use Case Studies


Internet of Things Case Study



Local Government Services Case Study



Business GDPR Case Study


Prove the power of your data with the world’s leading immutable proof and evidence engine

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  • When life-threatening incidents occur the consequences and repercussions are very high. Unfortunately for the responsible parties there can be an overriding incentive to corrupt or tamper with the original data so that there is little or, no evidence to apportion blame. Using the Evident Proof Verification and proof platform mitigates this risk by providing a fully auditable and transparent data provenance trail that is admissible in a court of law.

    Adrian Morgan Hydrajaws

  • nalytics

    We are delighted to have the opportunity to partner with such a thought-leading company as Evident Proof. Subject Access Requests (SARs) are becoming an epidemic thorn in the side of businesses. They require significant effort to properly service and we are increasingly seeing SAR responses being formally challenged with the ICO. Allowing our customers to evidence their SARs process and output on the Evident Proof platform is a major step forwards for compliance and risk mitigation.

    Mac Exon-Taylor Business Development Director Nalytics

What will Evident Proof mean for you?


Reduced Risk

Upon connection, your organisation’s data cannot be hacked, changed or tampered with and once you have identified your Proof Workflows you can withstand any compliance, legal or legislative challenge.


Less Hassle

Upon integration, initial data audit and risk assessment, your organisation will be prepared in advance to instantly and irrefutably prove data integrity against any scrutiny.


Cost Savings on Compliance and Audits

Regulatory fines can be as high as 40% of annual turnover, notwithstanding the huge admin and legal costs to prove compliance and lawfulness. Evident Proof enables you to negate all such efforts and costs with one small monthly billing cycle.

Typical Use Cases.

  • Prove GDPR Subject Access Requests (SARs)

    Ensuring you are GDPR compliant is important, being able to prove it – is critical. Evident Proof delivers all the evidence you need to demonstrate your GDPR compliance at the touch of a button – potentially saving you valuable time and thousands of pounds.

  • Prove Health & Safety Procedures followed

    In our ever increasingly litigious society, robust health and safety procedures play an important role in mitigating liability for accidents and associated claims. Evident Proof ensures your health and safety process are recorded and can easily be requested should the need arise.

  • Prove Email Opt-Ins and GDPR Regulations

    The use of customer data is essential for sales and marketing functions to perform effectively. With the increased focus on GDPR and the fundamental need to prove customer consent for email marketing, your teams need a robust platform to prove consent.

  • Prove HR Policies have been carried out in line with compliance and law

    Evident Proof is used to create immutable proof that your HR team have followed the correct process and procedures and are therefore compliant. In the event of an employment tribunal an Evident Proof Certificate can easily be created and submitted to prove your processes.

  • Protect data from being hacked or changed

    In the unfortunate event of an internal or external data hack, breach or malicious change, the Evident Proof platform can be used to help understand the nature of the occurrence, identify missing data and help guide the organisations response.

  • Prove supply chain provenance and product transparency

    With increasingly complex supply chains, many businesses must trust the ‘word’ of all partners within their supply chain. Where provenance is essential or enshrined by regulation, the ability to replace ‘trust’ with ‘proof, is hugely valuable. By providing an immutable – provable – ledger, and the ability to easily interrogate the data, each supply chain partner can prove their provenance.

  • Prove correct data handling and compliance procedures

    The ability to prove your organisation is handling data appropriately is becoming increasingly important. With an immutable ledger, you can clearly evidence your handling of data and reduce your risk of potential fines.

  • Anti-Counterfeiting

    If you have experienced counterfeiting of your products or indeed services, you’ll likely understand the risk and impacts to your business. The Evident Proof platform can be used to ensure your customers only purchase original products.

Industry Use Cases for ‘Immutable Data Proof as a Service’


Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT devices and the information recorded using them is vast. This information is often business critical. Evident Proof helps companies relying on IoT data to prove the integrity and correctness of the data recorded.



Educational institutions utilise Evident Proof to store credentialing data around assessments, degrees, and transcripts to streamline verification procedures and reduce fraudulent claims.


Energy & Utilities

Clean Energy generation is a very complex process and needs to be 100% transparent. Evident Proof helps such providers capture data from energy production generation equipment.


Supply Chain

The CDC estimates that foodborne illnesses affect 47.8 million people in the U.S. every year, putting 127,000 into the hospital and killing more than 3,000. By utilising Evident Proof’s platform, companies within a supply chain can gain transparency into shipment, tracking deliveries, and progress among other suppliers where no inherent trust exists.


Government & Defence

When emergency services present data in a court of law, a third party is required to validate the data. Data generated by events, information and evidence gained by officers in the course of their duties, can be automatically incorporated into court read Proof Certificates.


Health Pharmaceuticals & Med Tech

Evident Proof provides a solution for the complete traceability of drugs/medical products, from manufacturer to end consumer, and has the ability to identify exactly where the supply chain breaks down during an issue.



The need to comply with a wide range of laws has always represented a burden to the hospitality industry. Evident Proof supports organisations to prove that correct process & procedures have taken place around regulations such as GDPR, Food Safety, Employment and Health & Safety



Manufacturing supply chains are often sophisticated and complex, making transparency and accountability challenging. Evident Proof supports organisation to verify that supply chain management/auditing processes have been carried out in accordance with compliance and regulatory requirements.

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